Byron & Woods

Well what can I say...a hell of a lot has happened since my last blog that's for sure!!!

I won't go on about the current situation…I know it completely sucks all round. I do hope you and your families are all keeping well and remaining positive through these really challenging times. I know everyone is being affected differently and I don't think any of us have been left untouched by what's going on.

I have this saying in my head of late "this too shall pass" well it can't come quick enough!

I myself unfortunately lost my day job but tbh the timing of that meant I was able to give 100% of me to our son and have been busy home schooling!!! Don't get me wrong it's certainly come with its challenges but generally speaking I think we've done more than alright and it's been lovely having him home and sharing this time together. We are very much looking forward to the summer holidays now and hoping, with rules relaxing, we can start to get some normality back in our lives.

So...I'm back with a little name change...Byron & Woods. The timing was completely right for a change and there couldn't be a name more fitting to take this little business forwards.

The name "Byron" holds huge significance to us a family. My husband and I lived in Byron Bay, Australia for several months whilst travelling in our twenties...if you've been, you know...its a very special place. We've been really lucky to return on holidays since and was super excited to share one special trip with our son whose middle name is also "Byron". He loves it as much as us and we can't wait to return. For now though we can only dream!!! Our scent range was designed to enhance nostalgia and inspire memories...for us we certainly hold a lot in our special place, Byron Bay.

You'll have noticed I placed all of our range out of stock until very recently. Over the last few months I've found two extremes with suppliers...they have either been forced to close or are so busy it's caused considerable delays and stock shortages. Well I am now fully stocked and excitedly ready to go. The Simplicity Range is live and I'll be adding the LUXE vessels at the end of next week (I hope!). I have them sat here empty ready to be filled.



I’ve been keeping up to date with my Social Media feed and I am so pleased to see many of my small business owner friends still working their butts off and being supported by so many of you throughout all this. And for those who have had to keep their doors closed for such a long time...I am so happy you have finally received the go ahead to open those doors again. I wish you all the very best of luck. They work so so hard and I feel lucky to be part of such a fab community of like minded people who are trying to make their own way. It's bloody hard enough without all this going on.

I know you guys have been super keen for “Byron & Woods” to get going again and I truly thank you for your patience. These are unprecedented times for us all, that includes me. We’ve had a few set backs ourselves of late and the timing had to be right to give it my all again. 

In the background…I've been working on a completely new product range in addition to sampling and testing Essential Oils. My plan is to add an EO range before Christmas. These things do take time (who knew!!!) and I'll only go with something I really believe in so watch this space.

That's all for now...take care guys...mask up...stay safe and thank you as always.

Love Sarah x