Doing it for ourselves!

February 2019 to April 2019

We’ve had a really busy few months since our first blog post.

We could never have anticipated the support we have received from you all so far, we really couldn’t. We are so grateful for you enabling our little business to grow week on week.

Since our last blog you’ll know we’ve really expanded our range and launched 7 new scents and multiple new vessels. A lot of time has gone into trouble shooting and testing each product to make sure they are of a high standard. We have always wanted to have a strong brand and identity, with our priority being producing really quality candles, at reasonable prices.

You seem to like the bespoke nature of our business too. You can chose the vessel style you like and have that candle made personally by us in any of our 12 scents. We are seeing a lot of you coming back for more and trying different fragrances and vessels and it’s fantastic. 

Bell & Woods - New VesselsBehind the scenes we’ve been working super hard at getting our brand out there and recognised. We’ve received some amazing support which really has opened up a lot of doors and presented many different opportunities. It’s taken us off in a few different directions at once and we’ve had some really exciting meetings. We are forming relationships with some fantastic businesses both large and small who have already shown us great support in getting our candles out there. Whether that be stocking them, displaying them or providing a platform for us to sell them directly. 

We’ve attended a couple of fab events too in central London. We got to ride in our first car elevator in a huge tower block in the city, which was a massive highlight (it actually was haha!!!)...our little boys were super impressed! But seriously, we really do love getting out there and meeting you guys in person and getting your feedback first hand. It’s the bit we love the most. 

We have a particularly exciting month ahead in May. We have several events booked in with a very large, well-known brand as part of a Well Being month they are hosting and we hope to be able to share some more information on that in our next blog. 

Hoxton Fronnt RoomIt’s not all easy though, as any of you who have started your own business knows. There’s a lot of hard work and late nights going on behind the scenes. The bits no one sees but take up a lot of time. The research, development, quality testing, compliance, networking, trying to stand out amongst an already bustling market and keeping everything moving forwards progressively. We are two working mums with our own business and will never lose sight of why we launched Bell & Woods. Not only is it something we love but to give us the chance to do the school runs, attend the assemblies, keep our families at the forefront of it all and to do it for ourselves. It’s been a bit tricky juggling things at times but we seem to be doing alright so far. We are really enjoying ourselves and finding the whole thing incredibly rewarding. 

Hoxton House And....who knew social media was such a minefield. Advertising has changed so much, it’s all about social media influencers and algorithms. It’s a process we are understanding more and more about each day. We’ve been lucky to have formed a friendship with our first Brand Rep Nina whose account we came across really early on and just loved. Her style is exceptional and she is just lovely and always been massively supportive. We are excited to be sharing our journey with her, being part of hers too and look forward to growing together. Aren't these two photos of her home absolutely stunning!!! If you haven't already, please check out her Insta profile and give her a follow @hoxton_house1

So here’s to the next chapter and’s to doing it for ourselves!!!

Thanks for reading guys.

Louise & Sarah x x