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Our best selling...White Gloss

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Candle Information

Our bestseller and personal favorite are these heavy based, white gloss candles.

With a pure, simplistic and contemporary design they truly do complement any home style and decor.

Making the perfect gift this candle comes boxed and is available in our full scent range. Please select from the drop down list accordingly.

Burn Time: 30 hours approx
Grams of wax: 210g
Wicks: 1
Dimensions: H 9.3cm - D 7.8cm

Silver lids are available and can be purchased separately for this vessel.

Additional Information

We want you to ensure that you use your candle in the safest way possible, so we have created candle care guidelines for you to follow, please see our Candle Care page for more information.

A Candle Care card is provided with each purchase to ensure you get the optimum and safest use from your candle.

Please follow the safety instructions provided on the underside of the candle.